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Angela Rodriguez

Registration Questions

Parent Player Contract

THIS PARENT/PLAYER and COACH AGREEMENT, (the “Agreement”), signed on this ____ day of _________________, 2015, by and between CYPRESS FUTBOL CLUB, also known as CYPRESS PREMIER CLUB, of Cypress, CA, (hereinafter referred to as “Cypress FC” or the “Club”), ________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Player”), ___________________________, (hereinafter referred to as the “Parent”) and ___________________________, as the team trainer and coach (hereinafter the “Team Coach”).  This Agreement shall outline the responsibilities between the Player, the Parent, the Team Coach and Cypress FC, as well as the rules and regulations outlined by the Coast Soccer League (the “League”) and Cal South Soccer Association (the “Association”).




1.1       Cypress FC provides a comprehensive youth soccer program for ages 3 to 19.  The Club’s interest is in the long term development of each player, including ongoing improvement in technical skills and increased knowledge, as well as personal and social growth as a valued team player.  Cypress FC is dedicated to helping the individual player cultivate their desired level of skills and to encourage leadership enhance their knowledge about the sport of soccer.  It is our Philosophy that each individual receives the evaluation that will fit who they are as an integral part of their Cypress FC team, each individual brings value to the team within their specific skill set and we believe that we are able to assist in improving that skill by governing their disciplines on and off the field with respect to practice, training programs and dedication to their student life and study.  We believe we can help each player achieve the highest level they are capable of in their overall game skills and performance.




2.1       Board of Directors Decisions.  Cypress FC may, from time to time, need to make important decisions regarding the Club, games, the Coaches and the players.  The Club’s Board of Directors, Director of Coaching, and the Coaching Staff will prioritize their direction and decisions based on the following order:


  1. What is in the best interest of the Cypress FC;

  2. What is in the best interest of the Team;

  3. What is in the best interest of the Player; and

  4. What is in the best interest of the Coach or Parent.


2.2       Multiple Clubs/Memberships.  During the soccer season players from Cypress FC may desire to be a part of other Clubs and soccer organizations, however, we require full commitment to Cypress FC.  No other sports organizations or memberships should interfere with any practice or Cypress FC Team event.  If a player decides to participate in multiple sports, or misses any practices, this will affect playing time in games.




3.1       There is no pressure to join the Cypress FC. Instead, we hope that each family considers all options and chooses what will be best for the player, taking into consideration the player’s goals and aspirations as a person and as a soccer player.


3.2       As a player you are responsible for your own performance and conduct. Honesty, communication and reliability will be expected at all times.  A positive Team attitude, a sense of sportsmanship, and fair play are important to maintain throughout the season. Commitment to a Club level Team is a responsibility, and the player is expected to continue to be dedicated to the team regardless of the Team’s results/record, playing time, or personal relationships within the team. 


3.3       Once you commit to join the Cypress FC, you agree to abide by its policies and that of your Team’s.  Each player is expected to make a full commitment to the team for an entire season.  We recognize that there are things more important in life other than soccer and in terms of priority family and schoolwork should come first. However, if precedence is given to other extra-curricular activities during the regular season, it may affect the Player’s playing time and/or the Player’s status with the Cypress FC. As a member of the Cypress FC we expect the Player to commit to the sport of soccer and the Team as the main extra-curricular activity and priority during the Cypress FC season.




4.1       We expect the same commitment and respect from all parents who enroll their child in Cypress FC.  There is no favoritism; the following list is what we expect from all parents who are involved in Cypress FC:


  1. The Player/Parent must abide by all rules and regulations established by FIFA, USYSA, Cal South Association, Coast Soccer League, the Cypress Premier Club, and the Team.


  2. If there are problems with the Player the Team Coach will discuss problems directly and privately with the Player, with the assumption the problem will be corrected immediately.


  3. If a problem still exists with the Player, communication with the Player’s parents to discuss the problem and lack of response on the part of the Player.Parents will have the opportunity to be involved in the correction of the problem at this time.


  4. If the problem still continues, the Player may temporarily be suspended.


  5. If the situation warrants, the Club may recommend Player removal from the Team and Club.If a Player is removed, or suspended an no longer desires to be a part of the Team, no refund is available and any outstanding balances must still be paid.


  6. The Player and Parent agree and sign the


  7. The Player/Parent agrees and signs a Club Waiver of Responsibility.


  8. The Player/Parent agrees and signs a Club Medical Release.


  9. The Player/Parent agrees and complete the Cal South registration form.


  10. The Player and Parent agree and sign and financially support the Cypress FC per the Financial Commitment form. Any default or delinquency may result in player ineligibility.


  11. The Player/Parent agrees and signs a Release and Waiver of Liability.


  12. The Player/Parent must provide or arrange a means of transportation for training sessions, matches, and tournaments.


4.2       Parents Sideline Coaching.  There will be no coaching by Parents. The only instructions a Player should receive are from their Coach. No matter how good your intentions are we insist there be no shouting instructions to your child or yelling (this also includes shouting and complaining to officials) during games. Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome after a good play. “Go” or “Shoot” etc. are interpreted as instructions and as such are not desirable. It is important Players not be distracted at practices and during games (Parents and friends please stay off the designated practice area, including the goal area).  The Players are given only one set of instructions by one voice before, during and after practices and games. For this reason the Team Coach will be the only voice at all games and practices.


4.3       Each player is taught to ignore adverse conditions such as poor referees, name-calling, rough play, cheating, poor weather, and negative behavior by opposing players and/or their parents. The Cypress FC asks that parents set a positive example by doing the same. It is also important that the player not be distracted at practices and games. For this reason, No one other than those listed on the official game roster may sit on or near the Team bench before and during games (please respect the space and privacy necessary for the Team Coach and Team to carry out their responsibilities).


4.4       The Team’s first concern is for the long-term growth and development of your child as a person along with their soccer abilities under pressure. There will be times Team Coaches make decisions and Players are instructed in a manner that parents may not understand. Team and Player development will sometimes be given a greater priority than winning, especially in the years prior to high school. Parents must understand this and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with a healthy Team environment. Remember, playing only to win without taking healthy Team and Player development into account will not result in a solid foundation in which your child will be prepared for winning. Parents must understand this and conduct themselves in a manner that will support the team.


4.5       If you have questions about your player, email and talk with your Team Coach at an appropriate time after practice or generally 24 hours after games. Each Team Coach is working to develop each of their players fully and communication between Parents and Team Coach can only further this process.




5.1       The Cypress FC and its teams are dedicated to providing the training that will help our Players achieve their goals. We believe that there are different stages of development in competitive soccer. The training program is designed for the youth athlete who is serious about soccer and interested in playing at the highest competitive level available. We are interested in athletes who are considering making soccer their primary sport, particularly in High School through College. Teams can expect to play against the most competitive teams in the state and at the highest level available. The training program is geared to prepare the players to compete both technically and tactically at the highest levels.  Individual Players will normally play within their age group but upon approval of the Team Coach and within league rules, it is possible that a Player may play up with an older age team.


5.2       Every effort is made to establish regularly scheduled sessions. However, this is not always possible, due to training availability, daylight savings time, weather, and coach availability. Players should always be dressed and ready to start practice on time. Practice is mandatory. If for any reason the Player is unable to attend training, the Team Coach should be contacted at the earliest possible time prior to the start of practice. Every effort should be made to schedule other activities at times that will not interfere with training.




6.1       During the soccer season, the team and its Players participate in practices, league competition, tournaments, and State, Regional, or National competition. The Team Coach will make decisions on Player selection, game lineup, player positions, playing time, tournament participation, and team management. A player and the family must be positive in fulfilling the role the player is asked to perform for the team at any given moment, even if that role includes not playing at all, coming off the bench, playing a different position, or participating in Team functions.


6.2       From the designated arrival time at all practices and games, a player is expected to concentrate on soccer. Players must arrive on time with the required equipment (cleats, Cypress FC uniform or practice shirt, soccer ball, shin guards, etc.) and be ready to practice or play. Since practicing and playing their best requires a player's undivided attention, there should be no visiting between the player and his or her family members, friends, pets, or others that might cause a player to lose focus on soccer from immediately before the practice or game until dismissed by the Team Coach (this includes halftime and at the conclusion of games). When necessary, the coach may ask a player or players to do hard physical workouts in practices or immediately following games. This should not be interpreted as a punishment, but rather as a means to achieve a high level of fitness. When team responsibilities are complete, the player is free to join family and friends.




7.1       Tournaments for each team will be selected by the team’s head coach and approved by the Board of Directors for Cypress FC, based on the perceived caliber of the team and the goals for the given season. These goals can range from player/team development (trying out new formations and tactics, equal playing time, confidence building), to ensuring players are competitive, to competing to win (State Cup, National Cup). No team is allowed to enter a tournament that has not been selected and approved by the Directors. Some tournaments can involve major expenses and decisions need to be made many months in advance in order for teams to be considered for certain high-profile events. All teams within Cypress FC are not equal and may not be of the standard required for acceptance into major tournaments. Whenever possible, the majority of teams will play in common tournaments to foster team/club-building, as well as to contain costs.




8.1       It is important to understand that the Cypress FC playing membership does not guarantee equal play or specific position. The Player’s playing time and position on the field will be determined by the Coach and decisions will be made in accordance with the best interest of the entire Team.  Players agree to put their Team ahead of the individual Player and must be positive in fulfilling the role they are asked to perform for the Team. Players or Parents with genuine concerns may express these concerns to the team coaches with intent of learning what a player might or can do differently to achieve more playing time.  Every effort will be made to address all concerns accordingly; however situations may arise when the solution is for the individual player to seek another team for the following season.  There may also be situations where playing time is withheld from a player as a disciplinary tool and for being late to practices or games.


Generally, playing time, starting line-up and position decisions will be based on the following guidelines:


  1. < > in both technical (footwork, positioning, power, speed, etc.) and intellectual (positioning, communication, teamwork, etc.).< > at practice and games. Giving the very best possible.< > in Sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, etc.< >, minimal absences and to arrive on time ready to play< >, Support of team goals< > attitude, Game situations

    Coaches sole discretion




9.1       Team Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the team on and off the field when the team is together and part of a club event. The Cypress FC requires all players to display polite, well behaved and respectful manners both on and off the field. Respectively, players and parents can expect honesty, communication, consistency, and reliability from their Team Coaches.


9.2       Our coaching goal is to promote a fun, growth-oriented environment, with discipline, where players are given the best tools and skills to enable them to become their best in terms of ability, desire, and performance. Team Coaches are responsible to outline team expectations, maintain a plan for skill development, and direct practices and games in a professional and positive manner.


9.3       The Cypress FC is a competitive soccer program with coaches who make all playing decisions. Over time, a Team Coach can communicate with players in different ways. There are times when the Team Coach will say very little, and times when they may shout out instructions. There are also times when the coach may be critical of players or be generous with praise. Part of player development is the ability to accept constructive criticism along with praise for a job well done. This is a responsibility for both the player and the parent.


9.4       The Team Coach will provide training and soccer instruction for 3-6 hours per team each week. During the later parts of the season, instruction hours may go up due to tournament play and State, Regional, or National competition. The Team Coach will conduct practices and coach the Team during most games, but in situations where conflicts occur, the Team Coach will designate another club staff coach to cover that particular practice or game. Players and Parents are expected to treat the substitute coach with the same respect as they would the regular coach.


9.5       Finally, there may be times that the Team Coach will ask the team to be in charge of themselves (such as warming up and stretching prior to game participation). This is so that the team and its players grow in leadership, maturity, and responsibility.




10.1     If a problem arises that a player and/or parent feel must be resolved, the Club has a policy that suggests how to effectively address the issue. All parents are to observe the “The 24-Hour Rule”: Give one full day before initiating communications with coaches or the Board of Directors. (It is amazing how much simpler a problem may seem after taking a day or two to consider.) After waiting, if the problem still needs to be addressed, players and/or parents should:


  1. Discuss the problem with their coach; if there is no resolution then,

  2. Discuss with the Board of Directors.


10.2     Coaches are the primary decision makers and will work with their team managers to keep you informed of team plans and changes to plans when they occur. Team coaches, not team managers are responsible for the channels of communication. Most team managers and coaches will communicate with Players via email. E-mails should be used only to distribute factual information. They should not be used to air problems or to express opinions.


10.3     Managers and Coaches are encouraged not to use e-mail when an urgent message needs to get out to the team; a text message or telephone call is the preferred means of sending urgent messages. In the event of rain on training days, please check your e-mails, text messages and voice messages before leaving for the field.


10.4     Team Coaches do not have final say on field closures due to weather related issues at Cypress FC. Very often the decision to close or leave fields open at Cypress FC may be made at the last minute by the Board of Directors. 








11.1     Volunteering is a privilege, extended to the Parents and family members of each player.  Should you decide to volunteer, you must abide by any and all Club rules and act professionally to protect the integrity of Cypress FC. 


11.2     Those who choose to volunteer as the “Team Administrator” or “Team Manager” will be assisting the coach while following the guidelines set forth in this Agreement.  This is not a coaching position, as well as is not a paid position and the individual will be required to follow the same expectations of all Parents.  The title of Team Administrator or Team Manager does not add authority to the individual; it is merely an assistant position to the Team Coach.  At any point in time, and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, the Team Administrator or Team Manager may be asked to resign their volunteer position.




12.1     The financial commitment is broken down into 2 components; club fees and team fees.  Fees are not refundable.  All club and team fees are $______.00 for the 2015/2016 year, which cover from the starting date of __________to the completion date of ______________.  Even if the player or parent chooses to leave the club early, not participate in certain activities, all payments are non-refundable.


Initial Fee Explanation



Club Fees:                   Club fees cover the expenses of fields, maintenance, trainer salary,                                                             Coerver training, registration, insurance, player cards, Cypress Cup                                       Tournament and other operating costs.


Team Fees:                 Each team will have its own separate fee to cover the expense of uniforms                                             (if needed), referee fees, tournaments, additional training outside coach                                                training (Deft Touch, Futsol, etc.), equipment, or any other apparel or                                        activity the teams agrees on. 


Budget:                       Each team manager will create a budget with all fees and the payment                                              schedule.  Total fees collected will be the combined CLUB fee and TEAM                                     fee.


Payment Default:       A player is in payment default when payments are 14 days late.  Any                                                 player delinquent in club fees will be prohibited from participating in any                                        club competitions and club membership privileges may be revoked.


12.2     Payment of club fees may be made by debit or credit card.  If it is necessary to pay by company or personal check please make all checks payable to Cypress FC.  All Club and Team Fees for the year are non-refundable.


12.3     Uniforms covered by Parents/Players.  The type of uniform kit will be decided by the entire Team with the final decision to be made by the Team Coach.  Uniforms are a personal choice and therefore difficult to calculate into a budget. Families make decisions to purchase a certain number of uniform items based on personal finances and choices. Additionally, a player may not need a new uniform kit every year.  Players grow at different rates, some can wear the same uniform kit for 2 years while others may grow out of the uniform kit or part of it within a season. Some players may wear out or ruin certain parts of a uniform and need replacement at any given point. Therefore, Cypress FC believes it is best for uniforms to be purchased as needed by individual players.  Some uniforms may be included in Team Fees and some uniforms may not.  It is the responsibility of the Player/Parent, what portion of the uniform is covered in the Team Fees.  All uniforms must be maintained or replaced if worn out, too small or ripped.


12.4     Suspension of Playing Privileges.  Any player that falls behind in his or her financial obligations to the Club or the team, based upon the 3 official warnings system, will have their playing privileges suspended until those obligations have been met or arrangements have been made.  Players removed from the Club for non-payment of Club and/or team fees will be placed into bad standing with the League and the Association, for an indefinite period until the debt is settled. This debt and the bad standing status will be carried forward from season to season until the debt has been settled.


12.5     Transfers/Releases/Refunds.  Players may be released from the Club and/or transfer only in accordance with the League or Association rules. When a player leaves the Club prior to the end of the season, a checkout procedure with the coach and Board of Directors must be followed. Initially, all outstanding Club fees for the entire season must be paid. Also, any and all outstanding team fees must be paid and up to date.


12.6     A player is in good standing if he or she has met all financial obligations with the Club and his/her team. Refunds shall not be made under any circumstances, not on the basis of playing time; a change in coaching; coaching decisions; discord between player, parent, or coach; or alleged mistreatment of a player by a coach.  Even if a coach is fired and replaced, or he/she quits, all fees are non-refundable, under all circumstances, and must be paid in full.




13.1     In order to promote Cypress FC and Team unity, each player is expected to arrive at all practices and games wearing the required equipment and ready to play, including soccer gear and uniforms with the Cypress FC logo.




14.1     As a player, you are part of a team and a Club and your actions reflect not only upon yourself, but on your team, the Club, and the rest of the Cypress FC Soccer Club organization.


Players and parents are expected to:


  1. Conform to the rules established by your team and the Club, as outlined in this entire agreement;

  2. Respect the coach’s decisions and follow his/her instructions;

  3. Avoid inappropriate behavior during practice, games, team or Club-sponsored events, tournaments, and travel; Follow the Club’s 24-hour rule on communication;

  4. Players are expected not to smoke, drink alcohol, or use illicit drugs;

  5. Attend practices, games, and tournaments to which your team is committed;

  6. Abide by travel rules of the team or Club, including attending team meals and team activities, traveling as a team, following nutritional guidelines, complying with team hotel room assignments, etc.;

  7. Treat teammates, members of the Club (including parents and family members), opponents, coaches, referees and other officials with respect;

  8. Care for your uniform, Club equipment and fields. When attending a practice or a game, be timely and wear the appropriate training gear and/or uniform;

  9. Remember that under the rules of soccer, a coach can be ejected from a game because of the conduct of a parent, or a team can forfeit a game because of the conduct of a parent.


Coaches are expected to:


  1. Set high standards for themselves and their players’ conduct;

  2. Set team rules, including attendance rules, and fairly and equally apply these rules;

  3. Treat all players honestly, fairly, positively, and with respect;

  4. Be committed to helping each player develop soccer skills and game understanding;

  5. Communicate openly, honestly, and professionally with players and parents;

  6. Represent the Club in a professional manner with any actions being beyond reproach;

  7. Act professionally at all times; and

  8. Abide by team and Club rules




15.1     Players and parents can expect travel outside of the state and all players will be required to participate in every event unless injured. Parents cannot pick and choose the events that are attended.  Certain travel rules are Club specific, but other rules and guidelines can and will be set by individual teams.


Travel rules for the Club include:


  1. Players are expected not to smoke, drink alcohol our use illicit drugs;

  2. Respect fellow players, families, chaperones, and all others in authority;

  3. Respect the property of others, including hotel property, etc. as well as other guests and hotel staff;

  4. Players need to be accounted for at all times with either a parent, chaperone, coach, or designated person;

  5. Curfew will be set by team coach, and honored by all players, and supported by parents/chaperones;

  6. Team meetings, training, meals, and other activities set by the coach are mandatory and players are responsible for being punctual, with absence or tardiness limited to situations wherein specific permission has been given by the team coach; Teams are expected to stay together in the same hotel whenever possible;

  7. If rooming assignments are necessary, players are expected to honor assignments made by the coach;

  8. As representatives of the Club, decorum and manners are expected through the entire trip;

  9. Players are to travel as a team when instructed to do so;

  10. Players will not, under any circumstances, operate rental vehicles; and

  11. Dress requirements while traveling or at special events such as opening ceremonies at regional or national tournaments may be set and must be adhered to as instructed by the team coach.


Players and parents not observing the travel policy will be sent home from events. Additionally, families of Club players are also expected to observe Club travel rules and any other applicable Club or team specific rules while traveling and staying in hotels with a Club team.




16.1     Most minor violations of the Player and Parent Agreement should be resolved within the team, through the team manager and team coach. Serious or unresolved violations should be reported initially to one of the Club Directors who will then involve the appropriate Board member, if deemed necessary. The Club may decide to institute a Discipline and Review Committee to review the situation to the final determination of what action, if any, may be appropriate. If action is necessary, the available options range from a caution or warning, to requiring a personal apology, probation, service work, suspension from playing or attending games as the case might be, or as a final step, expulsion from the Club. As a member of the Club, you are responsible for your own actions, and will be held accountable for same.




17.1     No player will be released from a team during the soccer season unless it is for disciplinary reasons or failure to fulfill club financial obligations. Also, during the season, no player will be added to a team who has a prior commitment to a viable Association team in good standing. The exceptions would be when a player's family recently moved into the Cypress FC’s geographical area and it would be unreasonable for the player to continue with their current team, or when that player's current team does not intend to compete in State, Regional, or National competition.  If a player is released for financial reasons and there remains an outstanding balance on the account, the Parent is still responsible for the remaining balance.




18.1     At the end of the season Players will be evaluated by the Team Coach and informed of their status with regard to the following season. During this evaluation period, the Player shall give the Team Coach the same consideration and inform the Team Coach whether or not he/she plans to rejoin the team if selected for the following season. The Team Coach expects Players and Parents to be ethical, honest and honor their commitments; therefore the Player should make his/her decision carefully.


            The Parent and Player hereby acknowledge that they have fully read this Agreement before signing.  Cypress FC and the Board of Directors, hereby reserve the right to update or amend this information at any time.  By their signature below, the Player, Parent, Team Administrator and Coach, have read the “Cypress Premier Club, Coach, Parent and Player Agreement” and hereby agree to abide by the policies, responsibilities, and requirements for the 2015-2016 season.